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Adult Ballet Class

Move better to feel better

Movement Skills 4 Life

New Series-February 9th-March 23rd, 11AM-12 PM  Thursdays
 no class on Feb 23rd

Teaching Tricks

Imagine feeler better with all of your daily movements, moving without pain.

Learn how to move more easily, while using less effort.

That is what you will get when you learn Movement Skills 4 Life!

With no boring repetitions or routines to memorize, just one hour a week, using gentle movements and your current ability, you can begin to create change in your body & mind that you can use for your present and future. 

sitting flex to side
side bending half sitting
group walking
twisting on a roller
Floor twist

Hello, my name is Patricia Wahl, and I have been helping people to move better and stay active for over 25 years.

I've worked with many people from all walks of life. Some of those people were dealing with chronic pain, some with anxiety, and some who wanted to improve their body awareness. Others wanted to improve their tennis game, run farther without pain, and maintain independence by improving balance.

Empowering others to create the kind of change they want and need through movement that they can control, is personally, deeply rewarding.

We are all getting older...including me!
If you are like me, you could never fully imagine being older one day. Also, maybe you still feel young inside, but your body says something else? Realizing I needed reading glasses a couple of years ago, was my first wake up call that my body would not stay the way I wanted it to! 


Gardening Together
Elderly Woman at Gym

In the 6 week series you will learn

These are just a few of the things you will learn in Movement Skills 4 LIfe.

Couple Dancing

Whether you are dancing 


or working...

Preventing injury is important, right?

Injuries can often keep you from enjoying activities, hobbies or exercise.
As you age, injuries take longer to heal. Movement Skills 4 Life will help you to not only heal faster from injury, but also to prevent injuries.


Ready For Class?

WHERE:  On-line, a Zoom link will be sent to your email address

WHEN:  Thursdays 11AM-12 PM, February 9th-March 23rd, 2023
there is no class on February 23rd


COST:  $120

QUESTIONS:  Book a free consultation call to see if Movement Skills 4 Life is right for you!


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