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Fall Workshops
Details to follow soon...

Praise For Classes With Patricia

"I am more aware of how I use my feet when walking, and of the important neurological connection between my eyes and my neck."   Kim

"I learned how small movements can have a big impact on my whole body!"  Jane

"I learned to be more cognizant of my body and movements so that I move and maintain my posture in more healthy ways."  Anthony

"Each lesson built on the previous one, and I felt relaxed after each one. I learned some great new strategies I can use to release tension in my neck and back."  Antonia

"This workshop helped me pay more attention to my whole self and to understand how movement in one part of my body affects another."   Anita

Twist Pose
Enjoying Outdoor

Neck and Shoulder Relief Online Course

Available now on WWM Online Store!

Does your neck creak, do you feel knots in your shoulders and just can't seem to relax them enough to get comfortable? 


  • In this course,learn about the connection between your neck and shoulders and other parts of your body. 

  • In the process of the lesson, discover your own movement habits and learn to the improve movement in your neck and shoulders, and reduce stress on your joints and muscles.

  • You will improve your range of motion without stretching

  • Relax your nervous system

  • Learn movement skills you can use for the rest of your life.

  • Just $89 for 5 classes

  • Complimentary Q&A call with Patricia

  • Go at your own pace and view as often as you wish

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