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Functional Integration for neck pain

let go of unecessary effort



"I have suffered on and off for 5 years with lower back pain. After a few sessions with Patricia, thanks to her patience and expertise, I slowly started adjusting the ways I walk, sit and move my body. I am pain free for the first time in years. Sessions with her are quite unique. My only regret is that I didn't find out about The Feldenkrais Method, and Patricia, sooner. I can't count the amount of visits to the chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage therapist, physical therapist, etc... They were all helpful for a short period of time, but not long-term. I joke with Patricia that she is a magician. It is like she turned on a switch so that I better sense, understand and be conscious of my inner workings, my nervous system. It feels great to move with ease and be pain free. Thank you!"

Lydia E, LCSW


"Patricia is a gifted and extremely knowledgeable Feldenkrais Practitioner and Movement Coach. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 11 years ago, and I have pain in my neck and shoulders that limits my activities and disrupts my sleep. Patricia has helped me understand how my movements were contributing to some of the discomfort I have been experiencing. She has guided me in learning more natural ways to breathe, walk, get up from a chair or a prone position, reach for something on a shelf and perform other common tasks. I was amazed by how these subtle changes in movement have relaxed the tension in my body and eased the pain in my neck and shoulders. Patricia is a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to each new session."

Chuck Hendricks


"I am a retired physician and lifelong violinist, who has often suffered from pain in my shoulders and back. After trying numerous rounds of physical therapy, a fellow musician introduced me to The Feldenkrais Method for addressing pain. Patricia Wahl has been absolutely exceptional in her ability to help me to be more aware of how I tend to move my body, and how I can effectively utilize that knowledge to avoid pain and injury, and she even works with me while I hold and/or play my violin. 


I drive almost an hour each way every week to see her, she is perceptive in assessing my movement and providing me with unique exercises each session to help continue my learning at home. Patricia’s demeanor is always caring, calm and concerned about my well-being. Her personality adds a tremendous amount to each visit, making it very easy to relax and learn new ways of moving. In summary, as a physician and musician, I give Patricia Wahl my highest recommendation!" 


Peter Aupperle, MD

Waccabuc, NY 

"Trish is a wonderfully intuitive, collaborative teacher and has worked with me to understand embodiment in a way that affords real-life benefits. Feldenkrais is not a gym workout, but it is a tool for rewiring neurological connections as a means of living in your body fully. A key component of mindfulness practices is body awareness. Feldenkrais practices help you befriend the body you were born with through natural movements."   

Patricia Johnson, Opera Singer, Herpatologist

"Through our one-to-one Feldenkrais sessions, Trish has taught me more than I have learned in years and years of physical therapy (for a slipped disc in my back) about how to walk and even how to sit and stand. For such a subtle technique, it is truly magical, and Trish is a talented practitioner. She creates a relaxed atmosphere as she guides me toward better posture and pain relief. I don’t leave her at the end of our sessions – I float away."     


“While on Zoom, I was impressed with how you could gauge the subtle movements of my neck, legs, etc. Since our sessions, I’ve become aware of the relationship between my neck and jaw and have been adjusting accordingly throughout my day, especially when I am at my computer. It’s helped me so much and I am grateful for the tools you have given me!”   

A. Davis

"I began receiving Feldenkrais lessons with Patricia Wahl, because I wanted to be able to keep an active lifestyle into my senior years. I’m 71 years old, I love playing tennis, but I have connective-tissue disease and osteoarthritis. So, avoiding injury and keeping my joints healthy is very important for me. Soon after working with her, I started to realize how specific movements I was doing were restricting some of my daily activities. She taught me how to walk better, which has since helped my back and hip pain. As I have learned alternative ways of moving (not my habitual ways), my balance has improved, as well as, my overall chronic pain and tension. Patricia is extremely giving. Her approach is gentle, precise and encouraging. Working with her helped me to discover that I have the power to improve my movement, have less pain and stay active."     


Nancy Shapiro

"I came to Patricia with some ancient knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method. I am a massage therapist, certified yoga instructor and hold a BA in dance and education. Unfortunately I was in such pain most mornings that my practices were falling apart and I feared that I would never get back to fully moving again. Patricia worked to analyze my movement patterns and to help me find the places that were stuck. She is very gentle and thoughtful in her approach and she has a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to human movement. I now integrate a lot of what I have learned and find that my body was truly able to retain and incorporate the new movements patterns that we were exploring. I am back to practicing yoga which has been a great joy! Thank you Patricia for our work together. I hope we will be able to continue sometime in the future."     

Ricki A. LMT, CYT

"Patricia Wahl was recommended to me by my physical therapist as I was recovering from a shoulder injury.  Patricia, having trained in physical therapy, was very knowledgeable about how the body functions, as well as being an expert at yoga and other forms of exercise. I worked with her for several years, until she took some time off to become a mother.  She also introduced me to the Feldenkrais Method. Her soothing manner and whole person approach not only helped me to recover from my injury, but also enabled me to build strength, stamina and proper body alignment.  Patricia was a pleasure to work with, and I was very sad when she moved away from Manhattan."   

Brigid M.

"Over the years, I have tried physical therapy and acupuncture for my chronic neck and back pain, but it was the unique approach of The Feldenkrais Method that gave me long lasting change. I appreciate that it's approach is gentle and not forceful, I feel calmer and more relaxed after a Feldenkrais session. Patricia Wahl helped me to become aware of the connection of how my movement was contributing to my discomfort."   


Joy Taylor, Nurse Practitioner             

"After taking several group classes with Patricia, my knees and hips felt improvement in movement and decrease in pain. I was curious to take a few private sessions to address my imbalances in my hips and knees. 

The subtle yet powerful work Patricia did with me, along with her gentle demeanor left me very relaxed and helped give me a different perspective on how to approach walking in a focused but relaxed manner.

After each Feldenkrais lesson, I felt “blissed out”. Also, I felt that I was learning how to release habitual limitations in my movement, leaving me free to move more easily. The issues I had with my hips and knees have been better ever since!"   


Doris E.                                                                                           




"After working with Patricia Wahl, I feel more flexible physically and mentally. I had an issue with my lower back, that also affected my hips and knees. I found physical therapy helpful only for short periods of time. Through The Feldenkrais Method, Patricia taught me to understand the cause and effect in my movement. Instead of temporarily fixing my problem, she taught me the tools for creating long-lasting change in my body. I became aware of my body’s misalignments and tensions. Patricia is a wonderful therapist and a caring person. She has genuine hands with a very effective touch. I am enjoying working with her!"      






"I had the pleasure of being introduced to Feldenkrais by Patricia Wahl.  I had developed a fear of falling and since I suffer with both vertigo and arthritis, I was not looking for a gym or true “exercise” program, but rather a way to move in such a way that I would be more confident and perhaps flexible. 

Patricia is a wonderful guide in learning Feldenkrais, a program that increases the practitioner’s awareness of movement. She is a great listener and tailors each of the sessions to her client’s capabilities and needs.  As a result of the time I spent with Patricia, my posture improved, my awareness of how I hold my body at rest or in movement increased, and I now have a safe and comfortable way to get up and down from the floor.  I would recommend that if you are interested in learning the Feldenkrais method, you contact Patricia and work with her.  I think you will be pleased."                       


Bernadette S.


"In order to change our mode of action, we must change the image of ourselves that we carry within us."         -Moshe Feldenkrais

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