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Services and Upcoming Events

Neck & Shoulder Relief

For many of us, the physical and emotional stresses of daily life accumulate in our neck and shoulders. Do you experience text neck, tension headaches and upper traps that just won't release? 

Join me for a movement lesson that will engage your curiosity and senses, and leave you feeling relaxed and calm. In the process, learn to improve movement in your neck and shoulders, reducing stress on your muscles, joints and tendons.

November 18th, 7-8:30, Yoga Haven 2


Weekly Mindful Movement Class At Yoga Haven 2

Mondays,12-1:15 PM


“Mindful Movement: Yoga and Feldenkrais”. Explore ways to improve flexibility and self-organization, decrease chronic pain and learn more easeful and efficient movement. See you on the mat!

Yoga Haven 2

91 Montgomery Ave, Scarsdale, NY












Individual and Semi-Private Feldenkrais Lessons

at The Well Center

by appointment

430 Bedford Road, Suite 203

Armonk, NY 10504

Offered By Appointment

Awareness Through Movement Lessons (ATM), a unique form of movement based on neuroplasticity, that will address your individual movement patterns and needs. You will learn about your body’s habitual ways of moving, as Patricia guides you in lessons centered aound specific movement patterns. These relaxing yet empowering lessons can help you to create change in your physical and mental body, to assist in decreasing chronic pain, relax your nervous system, and help you to move with greater ease. 

New! Now offering semi-private ATM classes at Yoga Haven. Please inquire for further details.

Functional Integration Lessons (FI), a form of The Feldenkrais Method which is performed with the student fully clothed on a padded table. Some lessons may be in sitting and standing as well. In this type of lesson, the practitioner connects with the student’s skeleton and nervous system through gentle touch and manual techniques. Each session is unique, afterward, with students typically reporting feeling relaxed and moving with greater ease and less pain, along with improved posture and breathing. After the first lesson, you will take home information and new ways of moving that will help you to feel better and move with greater ease, and less effort on your joints and musculature.

Individual Yoga Instructionbreath-centered and mindful yoga instruction in your home or in studio.

The Bronxville Library

Mindful Movement Class 

Friday, Nov 15th, 12:30-1:30 PM (bring a mat for this class!)

Friday, Dec 13th, 12:30-1:30 PM

Please sign up with The Bronxville Library, details and contact info are found in the link below.

Small group classes can be arranged for your home or office.